eForFuel develops an industrial biotechnology solution that uses electricity and microorganisms to convert CO2 into hydrocarbon fuels, thus providing a sustainable replacement of fossil carbons. We use the advantages of different disciplines to establish an efficient process, which sets the stage for a future environmentally, economically, and societally sustainable value chain to produce renewable chemicals and fuels.

Work Packages

eForFuel is designed as a truly interdisciplinary project. This is why we have carefully planned and organized our work flow in order to accomplish the project goals efficiently and effectively, and to meet the needs of all stakeholders. There are 8 work packages in total, with 14 partners working complementarily on them. Each work package has been mapped out extensively for the next 4 years and includes detailed deliverables and milestones.



The eForFuel consortium is composed of 4 research organizations, 3 academic institutions, 1 large industry partner and 6 SMEs. eForFuel partners are based in 9 different countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain and United Kingdom). They are complementary to each other and their role is integrated into the workplan in order to avoid overlapping. 



eForFuel develops various methods to communicate the multiple aspects of the project to a wide audience. From an animated short clip on the general project idea to the interviews with eForFuel’s scientists on their specific work or to an interactive museum installation about Carbon, have a look at the engaging communication formats and learn more about our work.