Altar is a French biotechnology company founded in 2017 focused on automated genetics and microbial strain development. As a company, Altar leads the field of automated fluidics for directed evolution in vivo, and draws on a team of seasoned scientists, engineers, and technicians. 

Altar's work focuses on directed evolution in vivo and design of evolutionary technologies for the optimization of natural (non-GMOs) and genetically engineered microbial strains. Beyond these activities, Altar explores other applications of automated milliliter-scale fluidics, such as the ElectroBioReactor targeted in eForFuel project or the automation of genetic engineering - bringing microbes to performance suitable for utilization in commercial applications.

Altar supports the development of the biobased economy through the improvement of existing bioprocesses and the development of de novo bioproductions. It develops, manufactures and operates automated laboratory apparatuses.


Simon Trancart
Sandrine Gosling
Audrey Rivasseau
Julien Patrouix


5 rue Henri Desbruères –
Genopole Campus 1 – 849
91000 Evry – France

Tel.: +33 (0) 1 6091 7888
Mobile : +33 (0) 6 8828 4235

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Relevant expertise for eForFuel

Altar gathers skills and experience in the field of automation and milliliter-scale fluidics required for design and implementation of both hardware and software. In eForFuel, Altar will develop gas regulation and ElectroBioReactor technologies following the fluidic approach it had adopted almost 10 years ago and that has proven to be a robust and reliable way to automate processes involving microorganisms.