We created an interactive museum installation: Carbon Futures. The exhibition piece deals with the global urgency caused by the high levels of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and shows four ways of recycling CO2, including the eForFuel approach.

The installation offers visitors a glimpse into four examples of Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Capture and Utilization strategies. The four examples are:  

  1. Carbon Capture and Storage: taking Carbon and storing it underground; 
  2. Carbon Curing: using Carbon to make a new, stronger type of cement; 
  3. Food and Drinks: using Carbon for fizzy drinks or packaging; 
  4. Recycled Carbon Fuels: using CO2, electricity and bacteria to make jet fuels. 

By examining the different steps and institutions, which are part of each process, visitors can interact, play and grasp how each decision taken has an impact on the environmental future.

For more information about the work, you can go to Biofaction’s website.